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About Us

Our Mission

Build Home Libraries - Pay It Forward

The Littlest Book Nook's mission is to get high-quality, diverse books into children's homes so they can have daily access to a variety of stories. We work toward this goal through our own storefront and by partnering with non-profits.


Hi! I'm Elise Gatsby, and welcome to The Littlest Book Nook. I am so glad you are here!

For many years, I had dreamed of opening a small local storefront. In early 2022, I took the plunge and started this online bookstore for kids. Why children's books? I adore children's books: the simple rhymes, the beautiful illustrations, the stories and messages that can be imparted, and above all else the quality time spent reading with my own children.

Online shopping is my go-to: it's convenient and I can shop at all hours (like after bedtime). However, I also like to shop small and support local businesses when I can. When searching for online small-business bookstores I came up empty-handed. It seemed like all the top places to find children's books were big-name companies (some with questionable ethics) that do not specialize in books and do not give you that local bookstore feel. So I started The Littlest Book Nook to give families a woman-owned, small business, online alternative.

Furthermore, I believe that those of us more fortunate should use our resources to help others. So in the full spirit of this ideal, The Littlest Book Nook proudly hosts the Pay It Forward program which partners with organizations that work to get books into little hands.



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